Message Sender ID / Mask

What is a mask?

A mask is a sender ID. When a user receives the message, the mask shows up as the name or numbers from where he has received the message.

Note: Mask is a string of 6 characters which can be all numbers or alphabets depending on the account type.
How do I create a mask?

As per TRAI directive, you now have to register as a telemarketer with TRAI and then apply for a mask. Contact us or call us on 919554095540 and we will help you get a new mask.

How many masks can I have?

You can have only one mask per account per industry type. If you need more than one mask, you will have to create a new account and then apply.

Can I edit a mask?

No. Contact us or call us on 919554095540 to know more.

Can I use different masks for different types of messages such as group messages, bulk messages, and keyword response?

No. One single mask is associated for all messages. Although you can create a new account and apply for a new mask if you need.